Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California, United States. The region is roughly coterminous with the Santa Clara Valley where it is centered. It is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations as well as thousands of small startups. The term originally referred to the region’s large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all high-tech businesses in the area, and is now generally used as a metonym for the American high-technology sector.

Despite the development of other high-tech economic centers throughout the United States and the world, Silicon Valley continues to be the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development, accounting for one-third (1/3) of all of the venture capital investment in the United States. Geographically, Silicon Valley encompasses all of the Santa Clara Valley, the southern Peninsula, and the southern East Bay. With the rapid growth of the technology sector, the term “Silicon Valley” is frequently used to include other parts of the Bay Area, such as San Mateo County, San Francisco, and parts of Marin County…

– by Wikipedia

애플, 구글, 페이스북을 비롯한 수많은 IT기업이 있는 실리콘밸리…

생각보다 그곳은 아주 평화로운 도시였다.

많은 기업들이 마치 하나의 캠퍼스처럼 잔잔하고 고즈넉했다.

높아야 2층정도의 건물…

그렇지만 어디든 자연과 어우러진 그들의 근무환경을 보니

집중하지 아니할 수 없을만큼의 고요함이 있었다.

지금 생각해보면 샌프란시스코의 유명한 관광지보다도

내 기억에 깊이 남아있는 곳이 이 동네이지 않을까 싶다…

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